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United Bodyworkers & Artists is founded and run by Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz) in collaboration with 신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin and Sara Wernick Schonwald

Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz)

I have been a bodyworker and trainer in the movement and healing arts for close to 20 years. My practice is grounded in the Global Somatics Process (GSP), a bodywork approach that uses movement and hands-on techniques to help the body heal, integrate, relieve stress, gain insight into creative endeavors. GSP is about becoming more embodied, more fully ourselves. 


This might feel like a mix of direct touch (like massage and deep tissue work) or lighter touch, like craniosacral therapy or reiki. It could also include movement instruction.


I am a queer, light-skinned immigrant survivor and Healing Justice Practitioner. I am a human who works with trauma and believes unequivocally in consent. I am an immigrant storyteller and artist organizer. I descend from people of Chile and Mexico and live on occupied Dakota land, St. Paul, Minnesota. 

신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin
she/her & they/them

Warm greetings! My name is 신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin and I am a poet, educator, and cultural worker in Minneapolis. I was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in the Chicago area and have lived in the Twin Cities since 1992. I have an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in Teaching, and a BA in English. I live in South Minneapolis with my family and miniature dachshund. 


I offer reiki and craniosacral therapy, separately or together. I believe that healing ourselves and each other is a pleasurable duty to the earth and to social justice. Respecting our bodies and spirits and helping our systems live in vibrant health is a beautiful thing. Because of epigenetics as well as other forms of ancestral connectivity, healing ourselves heals our ancestors and our futures. 


I’ve been doing Reiki for twenty years and have recently wanted to make it a more central part of my life and work. I have all three levels of Usui Reiki certification (I, II, and Master). Learn more about Reiki and my practice.

As a bodyworker, I did my training with Body Intelligence to become a biodynamic craniosacral therapist. I am currently pursuing the final parts to my certification. Thanks to the vision, community, and fundraising efforts of Healing Justice Cohort, coordinated out of the People's Movement Center, I received a full scholarship for this part of my education. I am deeply grateful and hold this generosity in trust to share back with the community.

At the intersections of art, symbols, and a fascination with the mysteries of our cosmic and interconnected consciousnesses, I offer tarot and divination services; please check out my site at sunyungdivination.com


I am an author, poet, writer, educator, consultant, and speaker. You can find out more about this work at sunyungshin.com.


No one is illegal. All language is political. Art heals and poetry is free speech and a human right. I am a co-founder and co-director of Poetry Asylum, an organization dedicated to poetry, refuge, and freedom since 2018; please visit us at thisispoetryasylum.com.

Sara Wernick Schonwald


I am a listener, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, intercultural development consultant and somatic coach. Core to my practice is the understanding that we’re all connected to each other, and that it’s our opportunity and responsibility to work together for justice and peace. 

I work with individuals and groups who want to better listen to their bodies' inherent wisdom; who want to get curious about their own survival patterns; who want to better align their actions with their values; who want to dismantle systems of oppression within their bodies, teams and institutions. 

I'm a certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist in the lineage of Body Intelligence and in community with Minneapolis and St. Paul- based practitioners who ground their practice at the intersection of healing and justice.


I also work as a consultant to support organizations to reach their equity and justice goals. I'm founder of Listen to Lead, on the training team of Team Dynamics and co-founder of Muslim & Jewish Women of Minnesota.

I am an Ashkenazi Jewish woman who’s a mom, spouse, Gen X/Millennial “cusper”, Aquarius, ENFP and Enneagram 2. 

I offer craniosacral therapy and coaching out of UBA.

2486 University Ave W.

St. Paul, Minnesota 55414

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