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About Me.



Phone: 651- 335- 0598 

I graduated from Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine in 2017 then joined courses at Body Intelligence. All thanks to the encouragement of Susan Raffo who introduced me to craniosacral, which is what I came to realize I had been longing for. I have been practicing and offering ever since then. A craniosacral session with me is like having a tea date with the body that you live with. Craniosacral is akin to traditional bone and touch practices, such as what-is-now-known-as chiropractic practices. Craniosacral, however, returns us to slowness. When my hands are on your body, we both listen and wait. Body will make the adjustments needed at the pace that is aligned with natural rhythms. The stories that arise from listening in this way can be meaningful information for re-connecting what has been dis-connecting and, thus, what has been presenting as dis-ease and dis-comfort. Creating time to listen with curiosity and compassion to the many relationships that you are is what nourishes personal and collective healing. Feeling more deeply and more fully the relationships that bodies live, and feeling a part of those relationships again, can grow into living healthy relationships with people, ancestors, blessings, aliveness, helpers, nature, water, dreams, creativity, and collective liberation. When we can again hear the quiet voices of body, we can again hear the quiet voices in community, so that nobody nor no organ needs to be loud to be heard. I cherish prevention and undoing the medical industrial complex notion that people have to break to receive support. When we can again feel our aliveness more fully, we can know how to respect the aliveness in all. I am always grateful for the indigenous people everywhere who protect land and water for all of us to have places to feel natural rhythms and natural relationships. Know the people of the land you live with and how to support indigenous people everywhere. I offer craniosacral in Mni Sota Makoce, homelands of the Dakhóta, HoChunk, and then the Anishinaabe people. My practice is slowly being informed by my heritage practices as I re-connect with my ancestral ways of healing. My ancestors are people who were in relationship with the places that are now called Sweden, German, Czechia, and Hungary. I offer to people of all identities.  

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