About Me.


she/her & they/them

I am an artist, community organizer,  educator, massage therapist, gardener, and parent. I have been practicing Somatic Massage since 2011. My role as a Somatic Massage practitioner is as a facilitator of a conversation between you and your body. Through touch, movement, and guided meditations, clients can increase their perception of what's happening from the inside.  Sessions may include: Fascia unwinding through deep steady pressure to release patterns of holding and tension; Supported movement and assisted stretching; Deep muscle tissue massage, discovering and defining specific areas to release and relax; Quiet, slow, and more subtle forms of touch that communicate with the energetic and nervous systems; and subtle methods to integrate changes.  Every session is unique — responding to your body’s needs.

Sessions may be booked by filling out this form.  I usually respond in 3-5 business days.


Covid Update:

I am fully vaccinated for Covid 19.  I will wear a high quality mask during the session. I am currently seeing clients with full vaccination status.  I ask that clients wear a mask while entering and leaving, and when facing up on the table.  A mask is optional while facing down.  I am happy to answer any questions you have about Covid-safety before you receive your session.