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United Bodyworkers & Artists 

All Bodies United

About UBA

United Bodyworkers & Artists studio exists to bring full-body intelligence to community growth and individual/collective transition. It is founded and run by Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz), in collaboration with 신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin and Sara Wernick Schonwald.


UBA is located on occupied Dakota land at 2486 University Avenue West in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Why “United Bodyworkers and Artists”? 

The word “united” reminds us of the Spanish word “unidos/as/xs” which is used in movements led by la gente. We center the body in our work rather than a particular technique since we work across various modalities, but they all start with the body. The word “workers” highlights the labor of healing and aligns bodyworkers with cultural workers and all workers. We include artists because art and artists have the capacity to heal. The space is multi-purpose. 

What happens at UBA? 

So much! We offer:

  • somatic coaching

  • biodynamic craniosacral therapy

  • massage

  • pilates

  • embodied personal training

  • movement re-patterning

  • Reiki

  • tarot

  • small group classes

  • gatherings


In short, UBA is a center for individual and collective healing, art, justice and action. 


Why us? 

We come to this work with different identities, experiences and places within the movement for justice. And we know that there is power and possibility in this coming together. We are united in our commitment to healing and liberation, and to co-creating a space in which we might live into the words of Suzanne Rivers, “changing the world, one cell at a time.” All bodies united!

Getting here and accessibility

UBA is on the METRO Green Line of the light rail. The closest station is Raymond Avenue, which is approximately one city block or 0.1 miles from the studio. 

The studio is also on MTA bus routes #63 & #67.

Free street parking is available on the the Cromwell Ave and Franklin Ave sides, with additional parking available on Pelham Blvd. 


Metered parking is available in the front of the building. Meters accept quarters or payment via the Passport Parking app on smartphones (although Sun Yung has tried this method and it hasn't worked yet!).

There are two steps up to the front door and the studio has a bathroom on the same level. The bathroom is not currently wide enough for wheelchair access. 

The space has central air conditioning in the summer, but we do not have access to control it from inside the space.  

We have cold and hot filtered water, reusable mugs & cups, and tea bags for client use. 

Dogs are sometimes present in the space during practitioner meetings. If dog hair is a concern, please let us know and accommodations can be made.

This is not a scent-free space. We sometimes use essential oils and/or space clearing rituals in our practices. 

Please let us know if you have any accessibility questions or concerns. 


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